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iBarrier® single use, touch-sensitive tablet sleeve available at iBarrierStore.com


Convenient “on the go” protection to reduce cross contamination.


New Hope, PA – July 22, 2012


iBarrierStore.com is proud to introduce a barrier protection product – iBarrier®.  Made specifically to fit the iPad, the iBarrier® will fit multiple tablets currently on the market.  Designed to protect healthcare professionals, staff, and patients from cross contamination, theiBarrier® is the only single use, touch-sensitive tablet sleeve created for the healthcare profession.  


Made in the USA and latex free, the iBarrier® is a full coverage, disposable sleeve /cover, that is both easy to use and inexpensive enough for single use to help ensure proper infection prevention in healthcare settings. The optimally clear, lightweight, glove-compatible, protective material and precise fit ensure that devices remain fully-functional while protecting the end user from cross contamination.  Simply insert the iPad®/tablet into the sleeve, remove the adhesive strip and seal. 


“We are excited to offer a customized option for companies who would like to imprint their name and logo on the iBarrier®” said the director of marketing at iBarrierStore.com. 


iBarrier® takes into account new technology in the healthcare setting and takes it one step further by helping to protect the end user from becoming vulnerable to possible infectious matter while using an electronic device such as an iPad® in a clinical setting.  The iBarrier® is manufactured by Crosstex International.

For more information on the iBarrier® table sleeve, other unique infection control products, or to order, please visit www.iBarrierStore.com or email info@iBarrierStore.com  .

Written by Kim Larson — August 31, 2012


Thank you for stopping by the iBarrier Store. We specialize in infection control and protective coverings for electronic devices. Check out the new disposable cover for the iPad. Thank you from the iBarrier Store team.

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