Attention retailers and merchansiders.  iBarrierStore.com has TV remote control sleeves available for distribution.  TV remote sleeves come in packs of 5 and are perfect for airport , travel and electronic stores.  These packages can be placed on a shelf or hung at checkout.  You can also sell on your website.  

Get in on this opportunity before other retailers.  We are now offering 5 packs of our highest quality, Made in USA travel face masks.  The iBarrier travel face masks are perfect to sell in travel stores, at airports, health product stores, pharmacies, and other travel/health related stores or websites.  These 5 packs can be hung at checkout or placed on the shelf.  We also offer bulk boxes of 50 for sale.

email Kim @ info@ibarrierstore.com or call 267.714.8678




Written by Kim Larson — April 18, 2013


Thank you for stopping by the iBarrier Store. We specialize in infection control and protective coverings for electronic devices. Check out the new disposable cover for the iPad. Thank you from the iBarrier Store team.

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