Common Questions and Answers about our products

iBarrier Tablet Sleeve 

  • Where is the iBarrier sleeve made?  The iBarrier sleeve is manufactured in Sharon, PA.  

  • Does the material the iBarrier is made of impede typing or any normal iPad or Android tablet functions?  No, the iBarrier material helps to keep fingerprints and germs away from the iPad while letting you type and swipe away!  Try it with exam gloves, it works as well.

  • We have hundreds of iPads in our facility, do you offer bulk discounts?  Absolutely, we have customers that order thousands of iBarriers in one order.  Call us or email us to get a custom quote.  email - info@iBarrierStore.com or call Kimberly @ 267.714.8678. 

  • Do I have to take my iPad case off of my iPad when using the iBarrier?  Maybe, maybe not.  The extremely popular Smart Case or Smart Cover are thin enough so you can fold the cover back exposing the iPad screen and still be able to slide the iBarrier on easily.  Other iPad case and covers may or may not need to be removed.

iBarrier Phone Sleeve

  • Coming soon!
iBarrier TV remote Sleeve

  • Coming soon!


Thank you for stopping by the iBarrier Store. We specialize in infection control and protective coverings for electronic devices. Check out the new disposable cover for the iPad. Thank you from the iBarrier Store team.

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