iBarrier sleeve for the iPad (Case)

Save 12% if you buy a case of iBarrier sleeves.  A case consists of 10 boxes each boxes contains 100 sleeves.  Total sleeves in a case are 1,000. 

The iBarrier® is a disposable sleeve that can be used to cover an iPad® or Android based tablet.  Perfect protection for cross contamination and infection control in a medical , dental or clinical setting.  Also great for a day at the beach when you'd like to keep sand off of your iPad.  Another great application is in a teaching environment when the iPad is used by teacher and student or multiple students.  Each box contains 100 iBarrier sleeves. FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the continental US.  No minimum order. 


Thank you for stopping by the iBarrier Store. We specialize in infection control and protective coverings for electronic devices. Check out the new disposable cover for the iPad. Thank you from the iBarrier Store team.

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