Travel face masks - Ultrasensitive

Our iBarrier ultrasensitive, hypoallergenic, travel and personal face masks are perfect for air travel and overseas travel.

The iBarrier face masks are just right for the frequent travelers or someone who is headed off on vacation.

The fit is customizable so the entire family can use them. 

Our masks meet ASTM F2100-11 Level 3.  Our masks are proudly Made in the USA and have Secure Fit Technology which give you the ability to customize the fit of the mask.  The bacterial filtration efficiency is >98.  You get 50 face masks in a box and shipping in the USA is free.  


Thank you for stopping by the iBarrier Store. We specialize in infection control and protective coverings for electronic devices. Check out the new disposable cover for the iPad. Thank you from the iBarrier Store team.

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